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How can I buy a Country?

All 180 Countries will go on Ebay auction available for everyone to make a bid. Bidding starts at £0.99.

What does a country owner get?

Exclusive owner of a country on the artwork and recognition as one of the 180 owners of the world! Your Name on an iconic artwork. A 'Diamond' virtual gift, attaching the love of your life to the artwork.

What is the 'Da Giado Code'?

Da Giado Code refers to the link between the artwork and the Vitruvian Man, and the formula behind the Gold Diamond World. A digital book where history is recorded; the 180 owners and diamonds of the world.

What is the Internet Louvre? is created as a prestigious internet gallery for announcing the release date of iconic digital artworks and inspiring future digital artists.

When does the auction start? Do all 180 countries get listed on the same day?

Countries will be listed starting from the 10th Jan 2020. No, countries will be listed daily until the 180 countries have been all listed. Announcements of the countries to be listed will go on the news ticker of the artwork.

As the owner can I sell my country?

Countries can be traded after the end of the 500th anniversary, 2nd May 2020. If you have a buyer or would like to put your country up on auction then get in touch with us here.

What is the secret behind the 'Vinci' Diamond

The Vinci Diamond is integral to the artwork. 'Da Giado Code' is based on it.

Why is France the final country to go on auction?

It is the country where Leonardo died. 1st May will be the date it goes on auction as it is the final day of his 500th anniversary.

What is Salvator Mundi?

It is the final artwork discovered as work of Leonardo da Vinci. Sold in auction for $450 million in 2017. It plays an important role in the Gold Diamond World.

What is a Fibonacci number? Why is it assigned to each country?

Fibonacci sequence is one of the most interesting and intriguing math series known to man. Known as nature's secret code it can be found around us. Fibonacci numbers have been utilised in the artwork. Each country is assigned a fibonacci number that make up part of the formula created by the artist.

Why is Vinci the Diamond of Italy?

Vinci is the hometown of Leonardo. Italy is dedicated to Leonardo as they represent his nationality.

Will Italy be available to buy?

No. Italy will remain as a tribure to Leonardo.

What is the Diamond?

A luxury virtual gift the country owner can dedicate to someone precious.

What do the 3 stars represent?

Amongst other facts, this is left for your imagination to interpret.

How can I decode the Gold Diamond World?

There are several codes within the artwork. Studying Leonardo da Vinci will help you discover them however the primary code requires your own creativity to decode it.

What does 'Gold Diamond' mean?

It refers to the underlying mathematical formula built within the artwork and the components of the artwork.

Why is the total countries on the artwork 180?

There are two reasons for this; one is related to the formula and the 2nd reason can be found in the Da Giado Code.

Can I link my country to my Business website?

Yes, you can link your country to any website however websites that fall in the the following categories are not permitted: Gambling, Alcahol, Pornographic,Violence, Religion, Racial.

Can I display my business logo instead of my photo?

Yes. Except for logo's representing brands in the categories mentioned in the previous answer.

Does the Diamond have to be a person?

Diamond can be a person, town, or city.

How long did it take to complete the artwork?

It was started on 8th Jan 2010 and completed on 19th December 2019.

Do you accept crypto currency?

No, Ebay do not accept Crypto Currency.

Who created the artwork?

Serag Amlesh da Giado created the artwork as a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci's 500th anniversary, help the evolution of art, and push the boundaries of imagination. He is of Amazigh ethincity from the mountain town 'Jadu' in Libya, also known as 'Giado' in Italian. He has a deep passion for art, math, and holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.